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Sternhagen is a premium-brand for sanitary ware and bathroom fittings from Germany. We are committed to supply premium products that enrich your daily bathroom experience. High quality standards, attention to detail and innovative design made in Germany are the core values of our brand. Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive research in design and technology:

Sternhagen washbasins are made from Sani-Q. This patented* high-tech Quartz for sanitary ware was developed for artistic sculptures and easy maintenance. All washbasins are designed by EMAMIDESIGN. Since its establishment, EMAMIDESIGN won 52 international awards, among them the Red Dot Award (Best of the Best), iF Design Germany (Gold) and the German Design Award.

Sternhagen faucets incorporate unique design and innovative technologies for water. The efficiency of our mixers allows natural resources to be managed responsibly, with technologies aimed at saving water and energy, the use of food compatible materials and low lead content brass. This is why our faucets are the perfect counterpart to our washbasins.

Sternhagen - Art meets engineering

*patent pending